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In a matter of minutes, Ariana finished her task and pressed enter to reveal several locations with red dots on the map. Not only that, the people whom she was looking for showed up almost instantly. She had their profiles and personal data gathered and sent to an email.


"I said~ Wanna go for a few more rounds? Since you're smiling, you've agreed~" he winked and covered her mouth once again. Between these mini pecks and adventurous kisses, the smile on their faces were obvious. From their one gaze, one could tell that it was filled with love and affection.


"I heard Yin Zin Leung went bankrupt, and nobody dared to hire him because his other daughter caused a ruckus at a socialite event. Of course, he doesn't know that... yet. Susu is dating Chen Corporations, CEO. He is a very good boy and has great potential."


He handed her his handkerchief and continued, "because of our life choices and the unexpected arrivals of Zi Yan and Zi Lan, she had to leave earlier. She went to her mother for another prediction before deciding to leave. Her mother told her that if she continued staying here and waited for her children to be born, everyone would end up killed by the greedy assholes."


"Ariana! Are you alright?!" The girls ran over to inspect her from head to toe. She giggled and hugged them both, "I'm fine. The person is gone."


Karen showed the pictures of the pills to Kitty. "Oh! I recognize this pill! It's a pill that we prescribe to patients with early stages of cancer." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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"Oh! My son is finally home!" Chen Xin Ya, Chen Mu's mother said in a slightly upset manner. Still, she got up to give him a hug and patted him on the back before sitting back down next to her husband, Chen Ting.


"Relax. It's just Grandpa Xia." Ariana waved her hand as if they were overreacting. Everyone patted their chest and heaved a sigh. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Lily and Susu had smiles on their faces when they exited the mall and met up with the guys. Seeing the curves on their girlfriend's lips, Chen Mu and Lin Que exchanged glances as they prepared their hearts for the upcoming entertainment activities. Just like that, the four of them went back to Chen Mu's condo and started to party.


"But I...mom, it really hurts." He sniffled and wiped his tears with his hands. "I know, but have you thought of how hurt she must have felt when you did all that? Think about it. You were her first man, first love, first everything, but you also broke her heart. If you didn't do what you've done and listened to me way back, maybe there would still be a chance between you two."


"Pfffft, what do you think this is? The beach where crabs walk sideways? Since when do horses run sideways? This move doesn't count!" Chen Ting laughed heartily at his wife's way of cheating.


I had close friends, but because I trapped myself inside the corner of my little world from the abusive two years (almost three) my mindset made me underestimate myself and the people around me. I became insecure and couldn't bring myself to talk about why I was feeling such fear and pain.


His shirt was sticking to his chest as her tears stained it. Her head was lowered and her left arm clenched the back of his shirt. He continued his response, "I love you for who you are. Other factors are like accessories to me. It doesn't matter where you came from or what you've done in the past because you will always be the Yin, Susu that I fell in love with. Even if you ask me the same silly question, I'll answer you with different words but same answer."



Just when she opened her mouth, wanting to flaunt about her design, Susu tilted her head and commented, "By the way, Karen, your taste in clothing hasn't changed at all. But it's the same for other things as well. The design on your outfit was either poorly sketched or the person who produced it is an amateur. The colors do not match, and the designs make people feel dizzy. I suggest that you change this brand or else someone may mistake you for an elder. What's this brand name called?"



As Susu focused on the wristlet, Lily brushed away strands of her hair and took a closer look at the spot. The surface of the rose shaped print didn't feel like a tattoo and even if it did, it wouldn't have explained why she couldn't see it before. So many questions stacked up in her head but she didn't know where to start asking.


Kitty worked at the hospital for almost a year, but her lack of experience and effort held her back in terms of skills. She used to be the one who ran simple errands for everyone else at the hospital because she was clueless of everything around this hospital. Her parents used a lot of money to bribe their distant relative's daughter who worked as the head nurse to give her an opportunity at this location.


"What do you mean by he tried to prevent you from signing the divorce papers? Didn't I drop you off at Tian Corps the other time? What did he do?" The vegetables were perfectly done so he turned off the fire and poured the food into a clean plate before bringing it to the dinner table. At the same time, the meat dish that she was making also finished, so she followed after him to the dining table with the food in her hand.

  • He wanted to say something, but couldn't mumble anything out. Shen Wen sighed, "Then can you please have a peaceful talk with him at least? Hear him out and see what he has to say for his actions? Can you put down your biases against him for this conversation?"
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